Kinds of Permanent and Disposable Microtome Blades

Microtome Blades

Disposable razors are easier to work with and provide better cuts. The permanent microtome blade has a longer lifespan, but it must be sharpened at regular intervals, usually every 6 months. Therefore, the cost of buying disposable razors is similar to the cost of sharpening permanent razors. Disposable razors are divided into two categories: high profile and low profile.

Low profile blades are used as general purpose blades for cutting paraffin blocks, these blades are smaller than high profile blades and usually include a cover on the edge of the blade. The dimensions of this type of razor are usually 76mm*8mm*0.25mm. High profile disposable razors are heavier and can be used both with and without a cover. The dimensions of these razors are usually 76mm*14mm*0.3mm.


If the edge of the blade is uncovered, the cutting performance will be limited in some areas and we will see resistance to cutting and tissue pressure. Uncoated edges work best for large disposable razors. Razors with an edge coated with materials such as Teflon, polymer, ceramic or titanium nitride reduce the friction between the tissue and the blade and have better performance, especially the edges coated with TiN increase the life of the edge and for They are suitable for cutting hard tissues. For example, razors include high and low profile razors, the edge of which is covered with Teflon in thin razors.

Permanent razors come in 5 standard sizes. Usually made of stainless steel coated by chromium nitrate.
Diamond blades are suitable for cutting hard tissues such as bone and are not recommended for cutting conventional paraffin blocks.


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